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Edge Detailing

There are multiple options for edge detailing.


Standard common edge details like standard eased and small round are included.  

Premium edges are available as well.  Please enquire within as the edging we offer changes time to time based on the tooling we have in house and the current design trends.

Mitered Edges and Waterfall Gables

Mitered Edges are popular and give a bold, thicker edge to your counter top.  


The material can be extended to the floor which is known as a waterfall gable, a feature in any space.

Joints and Seams

When a slab is not long enough to cover an entire cabinet, two pieces are joined together.  The most desired finish at these joints is to hide them as much as possible.  We use equipment and techniques which gives extraordinary results.

A butterfly joint can be provided also (pictured below) if planned ahead and there is enough material to make it work.

Butterfly Joint
Butterfly Joint
Butterfly Joint
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