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Whatever your project is, the first step is to come and visit our showroom and slab gallery! We house over 40 varieties of Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Quartz. Our stone is bought from local, reputable Stone Manufacturers, and you can visit their facilities as well.

We also bring in exclusive and hard to find colours directly from Italy! The colours are exquisite and the quality is excellent.

If you are planning a smaller project, we have a large remnant gallery to choose your pieces from. This gets you the customized look you want while remaining budget friendly.

Once you’ve selected a few of your favorites, our knowledgeable office staff will put together a quote for you. All we need is a quick sketch of your project.


Now that you have selected your stone and your project is ready, we will send out our templator to measure your surfaces. 

What you will need:

  • Cabinets, gables and supports fully installed

  • Sinks, faucets & appliance specs on site

  • 50% deposit paid at Black Pearl Granite

We template both by means of the most accurate digital measuring equipment in the market, a proliner and also analog method with plywood and hot glue which creates a full scale physical template.  We use both methods as we see most appropriate to give the most accurate measurement possible for the project.  During every step of the fabrication process, we can take your templates and lay it on the stone, and ensure a great fit. 

This method also allows us to lay out your job completely on the slabs before we cut. This enables us to see exactly what parts of the slab will end up in your project and where. By doing this, we can avoid any ‘beauty marks’ or other areas that would affect the integrity and overall appearance of your project.


We also provide an optional service for vein matching.  The customer can see ahead of time what their slab will look like digitally by layout out pictures of the slab onto the countertop layout.













We are the very proud owners of a brand Donatoni Jet 625 CNC 5-axis Bridge Saw. This state of the art machine, direct from Italy, is literally on the cutting edge of Granite Fabrication. 

It has a built in camera that takes a bird’s eye view photo of your slab. It then scans the template, and lays it out perfectly on the slab. A few quick checks, and this fully automated saw cuts your project to perfection. We’ve included a video to show you a quick peek at just how amazing this machine is.


We are also home to two Intermac CNC Machines.  An Intermac 30, and an Intermac 43.  Once your pieces are cut, they are transferred to one of our CNC Machines for edging and sink cutouts. We offer a variety of edges, most of which can only be done by CNC. 
Our Intermac 43 has a jumbo bed, which enables us to do any size of slab. No matter how big your island, bar or other project, we can finish the edges with a precision that cannot be replicated by hand.


After our machines have done their job, your project will make a quick visit to the polish room. This is where miters, laminations and sinks are glued. Our experienced fabricators will also do a final polish on the edges to bring out the shine!


A general wait time between templating and installation is 1-2 weeks. Our office staff will let you know what to expect when you confirm your project. 

Our highly professional installers will ensure a great fit and excellent seam (if required). 

An industry standard seam is 1/8", with a thick glue line. Our seam system hides the glue inside the stone, with virtually no visible seam. For a small fee, we can also top polish the joint so it becomes smoother. 

We believe we have a lot to offer as a Stone Fabricator. We believe we have the best seams in the business; the highest quality stone and fabrication; and the most skilled installers. Our final product is truly outstanding.


We often get asked if we offer a lifetime seal on our stone. There is a complicated answer, so please bear with us! 

Virtually all slabs in North America have been finished with a resin. This is done at the Stone Manufacturers. This resin greatly increases the strength of stone, and is a very small expense. This has enabled Stone Manufacturers to utilize a much higher percentage of the stone that they cut, which lowers the cost of stone for everyone. This is why the cost of granite has come down quite a bit in price compared to the early 2000’s. 

All stone that we purchase has this resin on it. And it will last a life time, and will protect your stone. Some companies advertise this as a lifetime seal, but it is not 100% sealed! 

In order to do a lifetime seal after your stone is cut, you would need the large ovens that Stone Manufacturers use to bake the resin in. You would also need a very large facility. This would greatly increase the cost of your stone. It is unlikely that many granite fabricators do this. 

At Black Pearl Granite, we offer a free sealer with most projects. This easy to use product lasts 3-5 years, and can be done quickly and easily by the home owners without any expensive tools or equipment. For more information, please contact the office! 

One last thing to consider is that some types of Granite and all types of Quartz do not need to be sealed. If you want to know if your stone needs sealing, please contact the office as well! 

We would love the opportunity to quote for your project! 

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