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We have various roles that we are always looking to add the right candidate.  If you are interested please send us an email, to  Please outline your work history, education and experience in the trade.  Here are the positions available:

Installer/Fabricator - Out on install 80 - 100% of your time working with us.  Site fitting, scribing, repairs, service calls, installing, and finishing.  Customer service and professionalism important to this position.  Working in the shop in the grinding and poilishing rooms.  All facets of profiling, polishing, cutouts, scribing, mitring, laminating, repairs.


CNC Operator - If you have experience working with CNC equipment in the stone industry, or if you have experience as an installer or fabricator and have an interest in CNC operating, along with possessing basic computer skills, please apply.

Saw Operator - Interpret templates, layout cuts on slabs, set the tone for the rest of the fabrication arms in the shop.

Templater - Site templating, customer service, detail orientated, experience in the stone trade.  Both digital and sticks and glue

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